Explore The World of Mobile Computing

Learn the fundamentals of an event-driven and visual programming environment that allows young minds to build fully functional apps for smartphones and tablets using the Android-based mobile platform.

During the program, the student shall be introduced to the MIT App Inventor to design and code Android applications. MIT App Inventor is a web application integrated development environment originally provided by Google and now maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  32 Hrs

What Kids Will Learn?

Introduction to Android

What computer vision is, its applications, and identifying celebrities, brands, etc in images using computer vision.

Painting / Drawing App

How face detection and recognition work, how to identify features such as gender, age, and emotion, from a face.

Voice Recognition App

What optical character recognition is, how it works, and how to identify handwritten and printed text using OCR.

Simple Mobile Gaming App

How speech recognition works, and how to make your own virtual assistant that recognizes your requests using speech recognition.

Mobile Sensor Programming

What machine learning is, machine learning basics, and how to make Machine Learning projects such as a pose classifier.

Make My Android App

Why ethics are important and what AI ethics you should follow while making your AI and Machine Learning projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your child is ten years or above, they are eligible to enrol for Android App Inventor Program. You can speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives via our hotline +94777224116 and they will help you with the registration process.

Our curriculum is developed to cater to various age and knowledge levels. Each program is designed for a specific age group and may have certain prerequisites to enrol for the program. We suggest you speak to one of our Course Coordinators via our hotline +94777224116 and they will help recommend the right program for your child.

Possessing knowledge of scratch or python will be an added advantage for those who are looking forward to follow this course.

Every student will be subjected to a one-off new student registration fee of LKR 10,000. For further information of payments, please contact our course coordinator via our hotline +94777224116.

Every student will receive a certificate for each level of completion. An annual awards ceremony takes place at the end of the year and all students are awarded certificates and recognised for their outstanding growth.

LearnWare specializes in teaching Computer Programming aka Coding for kids. The curriculum is designed and updated based on some of the most sought after technologies around the globe. We believe every child should be given the opportunity to learn in order to give themselves an edge and succeed in their future.

Enrol now and one of our course coordinators will get back to you with further details. You can also contact us to make further clarifications through WhatsApp and we'll help you find the right program for your kid.

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